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Maintance break
During next 3-4 days I am planning to reinstall GoofyxGrid@home CPU to fix stability problem.

I will try to test both projects (NCI and CPU) on one hardware
12 Apr 2018, 8:58:45 UTC · Discuss

Server on destination place
Today I moved project server from my experimental/test desk to destination desk with UPS and dedicated internet connection 300mb/100mb which i have for my servers.
I hope I can forget about him for a while and be chill about his work.
28 Mar 2018, 11:20:25 UTC · Discuss

Urgent maintance break
Tonight I will moved ssd drive from project to new computer because acctuall hardware can't manage so much work to workout.
16 Mar 2018, 17:57:22 UTC · Discuss

htest_64bits (2.0.0) and new tasks
We have added a new version of the application (v2.0.0 -> in BOINC 20.00).

We have introduced quite large changes in the application.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to eliminate the difference in runtime (Linux vs. Windows) - on the Windows 7 platform the runtime is ~ 3000 seconds. On Linux 32-bit it is ~ 1400-1500 seconds. On Linux 64-bit can be even faster.

The test series has been generated (10k).

We apologize for the waiting time.

We encourage you to download WU!

Thanks all!
22 Feb 2018, 22:10:08 UTC · Discuss

Change credits
In next 1-2 hours I will change the way way the project awards points for tasks.
There will be not constant 2 credits per WU because I have to prepare server for longer tasks <- and we don't know exactly time of new WU... could be 10-15 minutes or even 1 hour <- and 2 credits per hour would be not fair
13 Feb 2018, 9:37:56 UTC · Discuss

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