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Skyman ("I am a physicist from Odessa, Ukraine. I have been chrunching since 2001 for SETI@Home. Now...")
shiva ("Hello I'm Rick I live in western Kansas about 60 miles from the center of the USA. I'm a...")
Steve Dodd ("Crunching for The Planetary Society since May, 1999. Love chasing after badges and RAC :)...")
SoilaCasimat ("Im addicted to my hobby Seashell Collecting. I to learn Russian in my spare time. My...")
ShannaSarago ("??y name i?? Shanna (31 y???…ars o??…?d) and my hobbies a??e Equestrianism...")
SamHavens004 ("My name is Sam from Hays doing my final year engineering in Art. I did my schooling,...")
SteffenPowe4 ("Hello! I'm Swedish female :D. I really like Two and a Half Men! Have a look at my...")
StaciThyer31 ("My name is Staci Thyer. I life in Monchengladbach Gro?Heide (Germany). Also visit my...")
SalvatoreRoo ("Hello, I'm Salvatore, a 30 year old from San Martino Delle Scale, Italy. My hobbies...")

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